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Julia James

Founder, Editor-in-Chief, 

Art Director, Stylist, Hair, Makeup, Writer & Graphics Designer

At 22 years-old I can see for the first time the convergence of seemingly disparate interests and hobbies. The Magazine is the punchline of everything that’s held my love, passion and focus since I was 5 years-old. I was born a clothes horse with an affinity for vintage clothes, and a lover of make-up. Years of watching make-up videos on YouTube in my bedroom wasn’t just a hobby, instead it was years of unwitting training.

My love of family, food, togetherness, and care manifested through endless baking and cooking. And my intense love of art made majoring in art history a natural choice. Finally, hours upon hours spent pouring over my mothers old fashion magazines left me feeling like I was born in the wrong era—the 80’s and 90’s is where the fashion fun was. 

In retrospect, the things I have loved most weren’t just random interests, rather they were the ingredients that shaped my belief in the power of beauty in all its iterations. Beauty of all kinds are essential to self-confidence and ultimately a robust, joyful life experience. My mission is to create a space that celebrates glamour in a way that is accessible and affordable to everyone.

One half of my family heritage is steeped in poverty and struggle and the other half in wealth and privilege. I landed somewhere in the middle.  It’s where I feel most comfortable, balanced, and true.  I hope regardless of where you are, there is something in this magazine for you.


Elena Statheros-Davis

Chief Marketing Officer & Photographer


My mom Elena is the photographer for The Magazine. She uses an iPhone to capture our images. She is my biggest inspiration and has shaped me into who I am. She was raised transient and in deep poverty, but at the age of 16 got scouted by Eileen Ford, owner of Ford Modeling Agency, and moved to Paris. She had a very long and successful career as an international fashion model in the 90s. This is how she learned everything she knows about fashion, photography, and more.

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