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Issue 2 / Interview with Louise Deschamps, Lancer Dermatology

Louise Deschamps, medical aesthetician at Lancer Dermatology, is arguably the foremost facialist in the world. Her clients include Kim Kardashian, Béyonce, Alicia Keys, and many more who come to her for her deft ability to turn any type of skin into crystal clear perfection. Her expertise is a combination of medical and scientific education with an attuned intuition of exactly what each client needs. She shares about her career and the key components to getting good skin.

JJ: Why did you choose this career?

LD: When I was a young girl at 14 years old in Montreal, Canada I wanted to become a dermatologist. Of all doctor specialties dermatology was the specialty that interested me the most because it was about skin and beauty. People my age had acne, all kinds of rashes and problems with their skin, and I realized that if you don’t have good skin you don’t have good self esteem. You’re not happy and it can make you very depressed. The world judges you on what you look like.

I had discussed with my father where I should go to school. My father said to me I don’t think you should be a dermatologist because usually men are dermatologists. I said ok, then I will go into aesthetics because estheticians are usually women.

I went to school, a French school in Canada while I was going to high school. After my school I continued my education in Chemistry and Science. I was really interested in doing the most I could in skincare without being a dermatologist. I worked parallel to dermatologists all my life.

My career started when I was 18 and I was in Montréal. I was fresh out of school and doing an internship at a very high-end place where all the politicians would go. In walks Prime Minister Trudeau who was looking for a facial. The Prime Minister loved the facial so much that he asked me to be the private facialist for him and his wife Margaret and go to his home every two weeks to provide treatment. That’s how it all started.

JJ: How did you make your way to LA?

LD: Then I moved to New York when I was about 20 or 21. I worked for a plastic surgeon in Manhattan on Madison Avenue. I did consulting for the doctor, as well as provided skincare advice for about 4 years. From there, I met my husband in New York, and moved to Los Angeles. I heard about Dr. Lancer and came on board as a medical aesthetician. I have been with Dr. Lancer for about 19 years now.

JJ: Who are some of your clients?

LD: Beyonce, Channing Tatum, Elle and Dakota Fanning, Megan Fox, Alica Keys, Kim Kardashian, to name a few!

JJ: What is beauty to you?

LD: Beauty is inside and outside. But I have to say, outside beauty affects your inside. I see a lot of people with skin issues–bad acne, aging, skin cancer, scars, rashes, redness–it really affects you. Although people will say beauty comes from the inside, I think that the outside beauty can really affect how you feel inside. It can make or break your day, it can take away your self-confidence.

JJ: How can you build confidence in your skin even if it's not perfect?

The skin is affected by various elements–hormones, nutrition, stress levels, and lifestyle. If you sunbathe and smoke all the time and are not drinking water, all these things will affect your skin. I think overall health affects your skin. It is important to exercise, drink water, and avoid the sun as much as you can. It's a multi-approach to your skin.

JJ: What are simple, affordable, and effective ways a young person can build a skincare routine? Two products you need?

LD: Cleaning your skin is so important to dislodge the oil and skin debris you accumulate during the day. Clean your skin morning and night. Go to a drug store and find a cleanser depending on the type of skin you have.

If I had to pick two products it would be a cleanser and a sunscreen. I also have to plug the ‘Polish’ from Dr. Lancer because I have never found a product that is as effective as his Polish. If everybody would use a polish with their cleanser, and then sunscreen, that would be the start of having good skin.

JJ: What is one piece of advice you would give to someone struggling with their skin?

LD: Get regular cleansing by a professional if you can’t go on Accutane. There’s so many places where you can get a deep cleaning. It doesn’t have to be an expensive facial. Something quick. Do it every month, or every few months, whenever you can. Keep your skin clean–it's so important!

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